ICI Non Voice Block C

ICI Non Voice Block C

The Mimbalot Falls

Hello world and Hello Philippines! I am Raquel J. Cagula, residing at Balite Drive Brgy.Santiago,Iligan City.I am the youngest of the 5 siblings.I am an avid reader of any kind of books that are very interesting topics.I can say I am born to be an Enterpreneur since I was in grade school, started selling goods.Among my hobbies include baking cakes such us: chocolate moist,Mango Cake,Butter Cake and Chiffon Cake.I only know the basics of baking, although I need more practice though to enhance my skills.I am also a member of a Multi Network Marketing.I am funny person,flexible,I was born under the Zodiac Sign of Gemini so I’m kinda moody sometimes.I am kind of person whom you can count on in if you have problems.I have shoulder for you to lean on, my ears for you to listen and my mouth to give you some encouragement to lift your spirit up.

In the year 1995 I was studying in Mindanao State University of Iligan Institute of Technology taking up Metallurgical Engineering Technology.During on my 2nd year of schooling something came up, my father was diagnosed of having  a Melanoma one of the deadly Skin Cancer, on that the same year he passed away.Without a father my family facing a financial crisis, I decided to stop and let my brother continue on his course. After a year I go back to school but I already behind on my batch mate,I came to the point I lost my desire to continued the course.

In year 2008 I go back to school and enrolled in one of the caregiving school in Iligan City the Uha Caregiving Technology Corporation and I earned my Licence and passed the examination of the National Competence Level II (NCII) in year 2009.Recently one of trends now is the online job.I worked online as Data Entry,my previous employer was from United State of America and the United Kingdom.Web developing is one of the in demand jobs in terms of hiring so I decided to join.On the 3rd of the 2-week training about WordPress and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I learned alot more.

ICI Non Voice Block C


7 comments on “ICI Non Voice Block C

  1. Good presentaion of specs, very useful. Thanks! Maybe i should check this phone out as i have to replace my old one.

  2. Ooppss sorry i meant to post my comment about the phone specs you posted. But anyways, where is this falls locatedexactly?

    • The background falls is the Tinago Falls and in the other one in my profile the Mimbalot Falls located in Buru-un,Iligan City 🙂

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